Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Unity Rally Photo Diary Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the Photo Diary with pictures from the Unity Rally in Charlottesville on Saturday afternoon. Enjoy!

BEWARE: Photo intensive; apologies to dial-up users!

Jim Webb Waits to Be Introduced, Surrounded by Fellow Candidates

Harris Miller, Judy Feder, Andrew Hurst and Al Weed listen in.

The Crowd Finally Gets to Hear From Jim

Jim Electrifies the Crowd

Even the Stalkers are Spellbound

On To Victory!

Andrew Hurst, Brian Moran, Creigh Deeds and Al Weed (obscured) join Jim Webb in ending the rally.

Judy Feder and Al Weed share a laugh as the rally ends.

Afterwards, a big group of us went to a drinking establishment on the Mall and talked for a while. I met some great people, and saw some old friends. It was a great day for Democrats!!


VA2CA said...

Isn't Cville beautiful? I miss it so much. Thanks for the info on the rally. I'm in CA for now, but am realy interested in VA politics...particularly the defeat of George F. Allen. Keep up the good work! I'm adding you to my faves.

Mosquito said...

Hopefully Harris Miller will come forth and set Allen straight on that stupid pamphlet.....IF Harris Miller is the Democrat many folks think he is....


Anonymous said...

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