Friday, August 11, 2006

Snippets from the Fifth - including a Party!

I am writing this to update everyone on some things. There is a podcast of the debate the other day with Al Weed and Virgil "I didn't know they were illegal" Goode. Others here have commented on that debate, as has Ben Tribbett and RK's own Lowell Feld. I also have crossposted yesterday's diary on Raising Kaine about that debate.


We are also having a house party this Sunday for Al Weed here in Cumberland County. Here are the details:

What: House party for Al Weed for Congress

Where: 1304 Sports Lake Rd. (Cartersville area)

When:  Sunday, August 13, 2006 4-6PM

Light refreshments and beverages (including Al Weed's own wine from Mt. Cove Winery exclusively) will be available.

Come and listen to Al speak and tell Al what you think about today's issues and the Congressional Campaign.

If you need more information and/or directions, please email me at beautiful_mind AT hughes DOT net.

Things are looking better for Al all the time. Virgil Goode is a horrible Congressman and representative to the Fifth District. Virgil's latest report to the district talks only about making English the official language of the United States. He is also behind a lot of efforts to build a wall or fence between us and Mexico as a way of addressing the immigration problems this country faces.

Remember, Virgil said recently, something about raising the minimum wage in this country would provide a 'green light' to illegal immigrants to come to this country. He is so out of touch with reality, it is no wonder he didn't think the donations to his campaign were illegal.

Crossposted at Raising Kaine


Mosquito said...

Great Work!!

It's Allen's corporate and anti-environmental ties are truly scarey. I hate the thought of any rexources being put in the control of Allen and his elite cronies....


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