Monday, April 17, 2006

Feeling Better Now

I have been on a break from blogging for a few weeks. The combination of a broken vertabrae and then whiplash on top of it ensured that I would either be: a) laying down, or b) taking painkillers, or both. These scenarios do not lend themselves to rational thought or writing for me.

I also have been mourning the situation with a childhood friend of mine who has lung cancer and is in ICU in a Denver hospital. I learned of his hospitalization late last week, and that he is not expected to recover. I will have more on that subject a little later.

I see that Greg Kane has his boxers in a wad again over a perceived slight due to an advertisement mailed out by Al Weed. His favorite words: 'Cumberland' and 'Ewert'.

Greg opines:

This message tells me far more about Al Weed than it does about Bern Ewert.

For some reason he has a problem with truth-telling, as has been done on this and other blogs. Truth about Bern Ewert and his stories of filing with the FEC on time. Ewert's contention that he filed, except he has given three different dates that I know of for the initial filing, and unless he hasn't raised any money at all to speak of, having not filed his financial disclosure with the FEC on April 15th, 2006. Truth about Bern's temper and how he did not really get along with people in his jobs as Acting, Interim or City Manager. Ewert's non-answers to questions about issues he either has no opinion about or knows nothing about. How about the truth of the jobs reportedly created while Bern was Manager or Acting Manager in all these locations? No?

But I digress. This whining about 'somebody in Cumberland' is getting tiring and old. I will have a post on Bern and his problems later today.

And Greg, just because I know you are watching, how much was that 'volunteer' web design for Bern worth to you? Never mind, I will look it up when and if Bern ever files his financial disclosure reports.

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