Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Waldo Loves Open Government

Waldo Jaquith, perennial blogger and all around codeslinger, has introduced today his latest project, Richmond Sunlight. The website is a one-stop shop for information on the legislative process and the players (Delegates/Senators) in that process.

What Waldo has given us is a gift, for all of us to use and understand and comment further on the goings-on in the General Assembly. To celebrate the finish of his project, Waldo has given away the website to The Virginia Interfaith Center, a non-partisan organization run by Rev. Doug Smith. The Reverand Smith is a former classmate of Waldo's at the Sorensen Institute at UVA.

According to Waldo, the two of them will have a news conference where the two will shake hands on this deal.

I just want to thank Waldo publically for his hard work on this project. I got a chance to play with the site during beta testing, and it is a comprehensive, fully complete tool to answer questions about the Legislature and it's members.

Thanks again, Waldo.

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