Friday, May 26, 2006

Al Weed on Kickoff Tour in Southside

Al Weed wasted no time in getting on the road after last Saturday's Convention victory.

This week, starting Sunday, he has visited 17 localities, with three more today. They range from Danville to Farmville, from Keysville to Bedford, and Mecklenburg to Halifax.
We all know that the race in the 5th will be won in the Southside of Virginia. Al has lots of support in Charlottesville and the surrounding area, including his home, Nelson County. Al has talked with bankers, preachers, Native Americans, men and women of all occupations. He has showed off his biofuel campaign car (see below).

At left, Al talks with citizens in Farmville.

Al needs ALL of our support, just as the other candidates this year do. Virgil Goode is even worse than George Allen, in that he is known to be corrupt due to the illegal contributions accepted by him from a now convicted felon.

Here's another photo from the road.

Al with supporters in Keysville.

Show Al some love, even if you just tell him what a good job he is doing. He is accepting donations as well. (Hint, Hint) Al is travelling on his Kickoff Tour in this Volkswagen, modified to run on Virginia Biofuel. For more, see his site and his information about biofuels and Virginia's Southside.


Maura said...

That's so COOL that Al drives a car that runs on Virginia Biofuel!!! "Our Farms, Our Fuel" is a GREAT slogan. I love that guy.

Mark Brooks said...

Howdy Maura!!! Come back to VA!!!