Sunday, May 21, 2006

Al Weed Wins the Nomination in the Fighting 5th CD

On Saturday there was a feeling of anticipation in the air as delegates from all over the Fifth District gathered at Buckingham High School to choose their nominee to run against Virgil Goode (R-MZM)in the November election.

There was an atmosphere of business, but that is not to say that there wasn't fun as well. People were telling jokes, talking with their fellow Democrats and getting caught up on all of the latest political gossip.

I don't plan on providing a blow-by-blow account of the day, but the process went very smoothly. The Buckingham County Democratic Committee should be congratulated on the fine job they did setting the convention up. I did not hear one complaint in that department.

Both Bern Ewert and Al Weed gave their speeches, and the nominators and seconds gave speeches for their respective candidates. While the counting was going on, Harris Miller gave a speech and took some questions. Jim Webb got lost on the way to the event and gave a speech as well, after which he took a few questions.

Lunch had been provided for by the Buckingham Committee and some people brought it back to the Auditorium to listen while they ate. Others hung around the lunchroom and talked while they had lunch. Throughout the day I met people whom I had only talked with or blogged with (is that even a term?), such as Kathy Gerber and JC.

When the winning Delegate count was announced for Al Weed, Bern Ewert accepted Al's gracious offer to speak first, and he pledged in no uncertain terms to support Al in his bid to unseat Virgil Goode. It was truly the best speech he has given during the entire campaign.

Al's remarks were short as well, and well received. The Delegates, Alternates and guests all left with a renewed sense of purpose and conviction to the race in front of us. It is a great thing to know that Democrats are unified in the Congressional race in the Fifth District.

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DownWithTyranny said...

Great post on the race in the 5th! I endorsed Al on Down With Tyranny today. Oddly, when I opened an ACT BLUE page for contributions to his campaign, I realized no one had done that previously. Please let your readers know that all ACT BLUE funds go directly to Al's campaign and that they can donate any amount-- no matter how small-- through the DWT Act Blue Page. Thanks!