Monday, May 08, 2006

Jim Webb To Appear at Convention

It was announced last week at the Fifth Congressional District meeting in Charlotte Court House that Jim Webb (D-VA) would be at the Fifth Congressional Disrtict Convention in Buckingham County on May 20, 2006.

Webb, a veteran of the Marine Corps and one of two candidates in the June 13, 2006 Democratic Primary to choose the candidate to run against George Allen, is scheduled to appear at some point during the program. It was not immediately clear whether his appearance would come before or after the balloting. My guess is afterwards.

The Buckingham County Democratic Committee has worked hard on preparing for the convention two weeks from now. They have arranged for lunch to be available afterwards, and has asked the committees in the district to encourage their delegates to stay and have lunch. I was very impressed with the Buckingham County Comittee's presentation, and they seem to have the arrangements well in hand. Hat tip to them.

What time he will speak is still up in the air, but the Convention opens for registration at 10:00 AM and begins at 11:00 AM. The two candidates for the Fifth District Congressional race will be there, (Weed and Ewert) and the other Senate candidate (Miller) had not announced as of today whether he would appear.

The site of the Convention is the Buckingham High School Auditorium on Route 60 in Buckingham County.

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